About Me

For most of my adult life I have invested my spare time in music composition. Having reached a comfortable level of satisfaction through songwriting I now find myself sharing my ‘me‘ time between music and photography. It’s not just a hobby, it’s a need to express the creative flare that consumes me.

Since 2016 I have been experimenting with many types of digital photography, however I am yet to gravitate to a particular style that defines me. I haven’t come from a film background nor have I migrated from traditional DSLR territory yet I have hit the ground running with the Micro Four Thirds format.

The compact size and portability was far too easy to fall in love with, not to mention the extensive range of lenses it offers. However, I have certainly gone a little overboard with my collection of lenses but, I am getting the results that justifies the spend.

I shoot RAW and process with Capture One, DxO Photolab and Affinity Photo. I find myself learning a lot from processing my images manually as much as I do from being out in the field. I am based in Sydney and my portfolio to date is simply a collection of local and international hot spots, family holidays and opportunistic moments that I have proudly captured.

The Gear I Use


Pansonic Lumix G9


Pansonic Lumix GH5


Leica 12mm


Leica 15mm


Leica 42.5mm


Leica 45mm Macro


Leica 200mm


Leica 8-18mm


Leica 10-25mm


Leica 12-60mm


Leica 50-200mm


Leica 100-400mm