Busbys Pond
Busbys Pond

Busbys Pond

Ben Wever’s breathtaking Busbys Pond image is now offered in a variety of formats. For personal use, the Private Use license presents a high-resolution TIFF image adorned with the Ben Wever Photography watermark, tailored for non-commercial purposes.

Meanwhile, for commercial endeavours, the Commercial Use license extends unlimited distribution rights, furnishing a watermark-free, high-resolution TIFF file primed for print, branding, or promotional applications.

Crafted with precision, paper prints are meticulously rendered on Kodak matt Lustre Finish paper, offering a visually striking print solution sans the necessity for framing.

For a distinctive touch, customers can explore the Acoustic Panel option, transforming the image into functional acoustic wall art on a professional-grade 12mm x 2.4m x 1.2m acoustic panel with an NRC acoustic rating of 0.45.

Further personalisation awaits with alternate styles and inverted colour selections, enabling printing on coloured panels or embracing a black and white rendition on a grey panel.

Excitingly, all printed images, whether on paper or acoustic panel, can now be elegantly framed. Through a local framing technician, a range of finishes awaits, from timeless painted white to classic black edges, or the warmth of solid blackbutt or Oak frames, tailored to complement your environment.

The captivating Busbys Pond image was captured by Ben Wever using a Lumix G9 camera and a Leica wide-angle prime lens.


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